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Ever saw that advertisement on TV where the person have beautiful and radiant looking skin? Did you ever look in the mirror and wish that your skin was like that as well. It’s OK, millions and millions of people go through it everyday. Looking younger is on the top of ever woman’s wish list. It’s a no brainer, you look younger therefore you feel and act younger. A poll was done by a major university and found that women that look younger have an increased self-confidence which in turn affects their overall health. That in turn enables them to live out a longer and healthier life. What if we told you there is something available that can give you everything you need when it comes to looking younger and having healthier skin? All of your wishes and wants have been answered with ResDermatrol.

What is ResDermatrol?

ResDermatrol is a wrinkle cream that utilizes resveratrol along with 6 effective anti-aging peptides. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth and increase collagen production. Also the formula works to help prevent the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles.

For those of you not familiar with resveratrol, it is a nutrient most commonly found in the skin of grapes. It has been discovered to be a highly potent antioxidant and one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. It is capable of flushing out toxins and restoring the skin to produce a more youthful look. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits that helps combat cellular aging.
Used as an anti-inflammatory in Japan for centuries, derived from their indigenous plant Knotweed, Resveratrol restricts and treats many cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cataracts.

In-Vitro tests on the ingredients on ResDermatrol also shows a statistically significant increase in Type IV Collagen expression.This essentially means that by containing Type IV Collagen, it is one of the most powerful collagen’s to help tighten the skin, thus removing sagging, dark circles, crows feet, eye wrinkles and neck wrinkles.

ResDermatrol before and after
The formula in ResDermatrol combines pharmaceutical grade resveratrol with peptides that help inhibit muscle contractions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These peptides also aid collagen production to help restore the skin. The resveratrol peptide complex concentration in ResDermatrol is 5.02%.

Does ResDermatrol Work?

In a 28-day clinical study, ResDermatrol produced incredible results. In the study after using ResDermatrol twice a day for 28 days they notices a 75% reduction in wrinkles, a 45% improvement in eye lines, and a 62% improvement in lip lines.

Benefits of ResDermatrol :

* Improvement in Lip Definition
* Improved The Look of Wrinkles
* Improved Look of Lines Around the Lips
* Overall Improvement Of Wrinkles & Fine Lines Around the Eye
* Improvement in Skin Radiance
* Improved Skin Complexion

Also, ResDermatrol are proud of their clinical evaluations on the test panel of women which revealed that 100% of the participants experienced improvement of:

* Sun Spots
* Skin Moisture
* Redness and Pore Size Reduction in Over 90% of Participants
* Improvement in Skin Roughness, Fine Lines
* Improved Barrier Function in at Least 75% of Participants
* Increase in Skin Firmness, Tone and Elasticity in 75% of Participants

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